A Non Model Minority
Little Saigon Creative
Seattle, WA

The background for my visual autobiography is a white southern community in Little Rock, Arkansas during the 1970’s. Having been raised during the peak of the “Model Minority'' rhetoric, the level of scrutiny for my academic success was relentless from day one of elementary school. My mother envisioned me becoming one of the crown jewels of professions as an homage to her sacrifice for emigrating from Viet Nam to the United States: Doctor, lawyer, or engineer. It was evident during my freshman year that I would never quite measure up to valedictorian status as the only Asian-American throughout my K-12 education.
My creative aptitude began with the desire to hide from the teenage world around me. The camera would become my metaphorical wall at first. The tool would later awaken an internal drive which led me on a journey across America in pursuit of my dreams in the arts and culture industry. The gravitational pull for publishing my life story within this site specific installation became dire as a response to the pandemic. This interactive work reflects upon my thirty year career in visual arts while ignoring public labels and cultural boundaries.
Limited Edition of 100
Optimal viewing is on a 27" monitor which closely emulate the actual printed newspaper.