Microchip containers, 3M, 1998
Advertising and Editorial
1992 - 1998
Advertising projects was the primary source of income for my startup photography studio. I diversified my commercial portfolio with executive portraits, product images, lifestyle photos, and fashion work. While the editorial assignments offered the exploration and documentation of current events and personalities with a certain level of creative freedom. Photography clients include:
Atlantic Records
Detour Magazine
Horizon Bank and Trust
The University of Texas
Whole Foods Market

Model, KROX 101X, 1996
Texas Governor George Bush, A magazine that closed before publication, 1997
Harry Knowles, Detour Magazine, 1997
Owners of Zee Medical, Horizon Bank and Trust, 1995
Lamppost at 2 pm, Capital Metro, 1996
Telecommunications device assembly, 3M, 1998
Santa Claus, Jupiter Band Instruments, 1997
Flashlight, Lumatec, 1995