Sonic Youth, SXSW, 1998
1992 - 1998

The Flaming Lips show in 1987 at the DMZ in Little Rock, Arkansas changed the trajectory of my music appreciation for the greater good. The DMZ was the only venue for seeing bands that we're radio friendly and this night club was my saving grace during my senior year in high school. While I cherish 70's classic rock and 80's pop music, the sound didn't speak directly to me. I gravitated toward bands such as R.E.M., The Cure, Sonic Youth, New Order, The Smiths, and other emo bands of the 80's which would later become known as alternative music.
When I became a contributor for the Austin Chronicle and SXSW in the 90's, the floodgates burst open for experiencing live performances. This position provide me with the opportunity to see countless musicians and work with amazing performers. Along the way, I began collaborating with numerous dance theater groups. My association with these non-profits led me to a level creating freedom in making images for their marketing campaigns. The in-kind business arrangement afforded me the opportunity to experimentation with my creative vision.
This is a collection of images from documenting live performances, working with dancers, and portraits of musicians.
Dancer, Ariel Dance Theater, 1996
James McMurtry, The Austin Chronicle, 1997
Rattled Rooster, SXSW, 1993
Randy "Biscuit" Turner, Personal project, 1996
Dancers, Sharir Dance Company, 1997
Daniel Johnston, The Austin Chronicle, 1995
Mr. Rocket Baby, Marketing images, 1993
Dancer, University of Texas Dance, 1997
John Hawkins, The Austin Chronicle, 1995
Mason Rufner, The Austin Chronicle, 1996
Pocket FishRman, Personal project, 1997
David Garza, Atlantic Records, 1997
John Hagen, The Austin Chronicle, 1993
Tejano musician, The Austin Chronicle, 1997