Overview at night
States of Demise

Seattle Office of Arts and Culture
S Jackson Street and 7th Avenue S

Seattle, WA

This video installation consisted of cathode ray tube televisions (TV), videocassette recorders (VCR) and a video camera. This period in time is marked by the abundant availability of these resources. A group of TVs were paired with VCR and arranged together. Each pairing of devices were loaded with an identical recordings on a video home system (VHS) cassette tape and were play backed asynchronously. The repeating video consist of 50 individual images, each photograph contains a portion of a phrase that reflect the current values of American society that fade into one another while the dissolved flag remains a constant fixture. These statements on the state of society were crowd sourced through social media platforms. A video camera was setup for a live video feed, no audio, to another TV set apart from the grouping of TVs. The video camera captured the viewer as they watched the grouping of TVs and VCRs as the video repeated itself.
Still image from video