Presidential palace, 2008
Viet Nam
2002 - 2008

A white southern community in Little Rock, Arkansas during the 1970’s is the background of my autobiography. The exposure of Vietnamese culture was limited to only my mother at the time. What little experience with my heritage was often cast aside for the dominating social norm as a means of “fitting in”. While many of these color images represent a society that are contextually familiar yet they are a stark reminder that I still remain an outsider in Viet Nam. In 2002, I began surveying the daily life of remaining relatives in Viet Nam in search for the origin of my cultural background and as a resolution of my identity conflict.

This is a collection of images from three separate trips to my homeland.

My mother's Sai Gon residence, 2002
Searching for an unknown brother, 2008
Losing hand, 2004
Wedding shop, 2002
Fascinated with Brittney Spears, 2004
Father of the groom, 2004
My aunt, 2004
Knife at the door, 2008
Cleaning before Tet, 2004
Two sisters with aunt, 2004
Surprise party, 2004
Sisters, 2004
In search of tomorrow, 2004
Mother & father, 2002
My father, 2008
Sai-Gon USA, 2002